Introducing The Integrated Marketing Playbook!

Today IgnitionOne released “The Integrated Marketing Playbook: How to Create Simplicity from Complexity,” a fundamental guide for digital marketers. This new e-book is written to serve as a valuable resource when mapping out how to approach integrated digital marketing across an organization. The Playbook is available as a free download at: .

As we have said many times before, to be successful in this fast moving and dynamic sector, marketers will need to tear down the silos between organizational teams, technology, data sets and goals in order to not only drive simplicity, but to also improve results. This free book will help explain how to achieve that.

The Playbook answers the follow questions posed by marketers:

  • What are the central challenges to achieving integrated digital marketing?
  • How do I set up my organization to facilitate and take advantage of integration?
  • How do I centralize tools, data and measurement to achieve integrated marketing?
  • What is the payoff for integrating my marketing?

The Integrated Marketing Playbook also includes Q&A sessions with top brand executives Julie Cary of La Quinta Inns & Suites and Peter McDonough of Diageo, who lend their views to readers.

Digital  marketing  has  become  complex due to the multitude of point solutions with  their  own  data  sets  and  their  own  way of  addressing the  conversion  path.   And silos  set  up  in  marketing organizations  end  up  working  against  central goals  by  putting  the  focus  on  the success of individual tactics or channels. But marketers can integrate their marketing, break down silos, connect the dots and centralize data, tools and efforts.

To download “The Integrated Marketing Playbook,” please visit:

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