IgnitionOne’s Integrated Marketing Playbook Launches Next Week

Next week, we will be releasing the long awaited Integrated Marketing Playbook: How to Create Simplicity from Complexity. The collection of essays from top experts details exactly how marketers can achieve truly integrated marketing in order to optimize budget across channels, understand their audience and what motivates them and efficiently manage innovation and technology.

We have identified that while digital channels are becoming more important to businesses globally, they have been managed in isolated silos. At their peak, these channels should be functioning seamlessly together and working with each other to drive conversions. By operating each channel separately, a business misses out on the full holistic potential.

It is all very simple: we believe that by breaking down these barriers, connecting the dots and centralizing data, tools and efforts, your marketing organization can be more operationally efficient and we have written this guide to serve as a valuable resource when mapping out how to approach integrated digital marketing in your organization.


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