Reflections from a Site Optimization Veteran

As we welcome our newest developer, Cristian Ferencz, I figure it’s a good time to reflect on the road traveled, from 2008, the early days of what we now call Site Optimization.

Back in 2008, I was hired to help the four developers with our 20-or-so clients in Benelux. At that time we were offering simple site metrics and lead generation through pop-ins, testing and refining our now-ubiquitous scoring algorithm. We already had had great success with automotive companies such as Fiat, whose web marketing conversions grew 30% in two years.

By 2009, the company’s portfolio had already grown significantly and had become more versatile, expanding out of Benelux into Europe and beyond the automotive business. We also started to roll out new solutions that required full-time developers (Live Marketer, for instance), which meant we needed to hire, and further structure our team. That’s when I was asked: “How do you feel about working full-time on Client Implementations?”

From 2010 on, we never stopped hiring and the Client Implementations team grew to reach our current headcount of 18, spread between Brussels and Atlanta, handling more than 200 client implementations. I trained each of the developers that joined the Brussels team and even my own manager, Nico Callandt. The result? A diverse team of developers with professional backgrounds not only in computer programming, but also graphic design, psychology and baking, who share a unique brand of unbridled humor (some would even say it’s often politically incorrect), a Minecraft server and a goldfish.

Our Site Optimization team consists of Kurt Briers (head of software development), Nico Callandt (production manager), Adrian Price (US team leader), Cliff Kilby, Greg Smith, Greg Flynn, Daniel Labrador, Dominique Rolin (EU team leader), Joris Brauns, Ryan Megidov, Arslan Megidov, Arthur Laurent, Matthieu Fradcourt, Mathieu Bernimont, Sebastien Le Touze, Cristian Ferencz, Adam Abramovicz (reporting), Andras Szerdahelyi (R&D), Andi Chirita, and Popi (the goldfish).

At the dawn of 2013, our team has now grown to match the size of our portfolio. As we’re finding our cruising speed for day-to-day business, we are able to commit a share of our efforts to research and development of internal tools. The future of this department holds attention to more automation for faster client implementations, better monitoring, new insight in visitor metrics for improved behavioral targeting, and much more.

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