Four Things for Digital Marketers to be Thankful for

With Thanksgiving a couple of days away from us in the US, I thought it was timely to think back on all that I am grateful for as a digital marketer. This is just a small list, but maybe it will get you thinking about what you have to be grateful for in your job.

1. Innovation – Things keep moving and changing. I love this because it keeps us challenged and striving for the next best thing. But innovation is also lifting our whole industry up. Even if it causes some fracturing and confusion at first, when new ideas are inserted into the landscape, if they prove to be helpful, it only will add to our capabilities and help us reach our goals.

2. Smart people – Our CEO recently shared his thoughts on the importance of high-quality service, and behind that service is processes, methodology and most importantly really really smart people. I am grateful for the smart people I work with because they help simplfy complex concepts, can cut through huge piles of data like butter, and have deep knowledge and experience with every digital marketing channel. My coworkers make me smarter everyday

3. Mobile Devices – Not only do I love my smart phone and use it every day in job, but I am also thankful for their place in digital marketing. It is an amazing world we live in where users can access all the information in the world from their pocket – and we as marketers can also use these devices to communicate our message. And because of advanced targeting – we can reach these users only when they actually want to hear from us.

4. Actionable Data – More data is not good. In fact, more data is usually bad. Data by itself is just noise, but if you can centralize that data and organize it in a way that insights rise to the surface, you have something powerful and actionable. I am grateful that there are systems like our Digital Marketing Suite that approach data intelligently, so that I am able to use data to do my job better.

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