Looking Beyond the Click – Closing the Conversion Webinar

On Thursday, November 8, Dave Ragals, SVP of Client Solutions conducted a webinar that centered on how digital marketing does not end with the click-through of an ad.

Media messaging through different channels directs the proverbial horse to water, but that does not influence them to drink, or in this case, convert. Much of this effort could be wasted if there is a bad on-site experience.

Our industry has worked so hard to personalize the media experience – so why not also tailor the most important part on the consumer’s path to conversion: the on-site experience?

By leveraging user-level data and understanding cross-channel touchpoints and behavior, marketers are better able to understand visitor interest and propensity to buy and apply that knowledge to the user’s experience on-site. This form of customer experience enhances the probability that the user will indeed convert.

Dave discusses a case study that illustrates on-site optimization in action. This marketer makes use of the visitor’s browsing history to personalize his on-site experience, resulting in outstanding growth. This real-life example expresses that there is more to closing a conversion than just optimizing for a click.

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