Bring Colour to your Campaigns

Colour can be so influential, and can have different effects on users. Whether colour is used on a website, pop-in, or banner, it is something that is often given little attention. Below are some tips when using colour:

  • Don’t go for obvious brand colours. While this enhances recognition of your company, it can sometimes mean that Internet surfers disregard your image quickly, and think to themselves, “Oh it’s clearly so and so” and move on, or their mind may register the brand association, but it doesn’t stand out anymore. On the other hand, when looking at pop-ins and banners, don’t be so extreme that visitors think it’s spam or a virus and not from the company.
  • When thinking about pop-ins, consider the website it will appear on. If this is a light color, the use of an image as a background can be eye-catching. If, on the other hand, the website is dark, it is best to use a white background in the pop-in.
  • The colour blue evokes a sense of trust. Look for examples of the colours that social media companies use, as well as banks. Therefore instead of using a screaming, attention-grabbing red as the ‘send’ or ‘buy’ button, try a calm blue. Tests show that this has better results.
  • Treat your website like a physical shop. Think about how visitors will feel as they look around. While people are attracted to warm colours like red and yellow, if this completely surrounds your shop it can provoke feelings of danger and unpleasantness.
  • Interior colour, be it in a physical or digital shop, affects feelings of joy, enthusiasm and excitement. These feelings mediate between approaching or avoidance behavior.
  • Consider cultural differences. Foreign audiences may receive your banner differently than a local audience. Black in Western cultures symbolizes mourning, while in China and Japan, white has this meaning and in Egypt, yellow.
  • Test! Don’t take anything for granted. Test different colours and creatives. You may be surprised what has the best results.

So whether you’re feeling blue, tickled pink, seeing red, or in a gray area, thinking about it once in a blue moon won’t help, consider colour every step of the way.

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