Conversion Optimisation: Your Own Online Sales Associate

I am Chandler Bing to my friends; to a social circle filled with lawyers, teachers, insurance brokers and advertising execs- I simply work with the Internet. Attempts to explain the conversion optimization solutions I sell are met with vacant expressions and polite nods. That was until I cracked it and found a real world comparison to explain exactly what IgnitionOne’s onsite technology does.

Picture this: It is Saturday afternoon and you are out shopping. You enter a suit shop. You were here last week but didn’t really have the time to browse properly. You tentatively walk in and start looking around at all types of suits; grey, brown, black, navy. You decide that you feel that navy is the route you want to take, so you start looking at the cut, price, and size of navy suits. You are not convinced that you really need or can afford a new suit, but you are becoming increasingly interested. Should you try on a suit or walk away and spend your money elsewhere?

During this time, a sales assistant has been monitoring your behaviour – and he is good. He recognises you from your visit last week and notices that you have been in the store for some time. He understands that you like the brand; you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. He sees that navy suits are clearly your main interest. He notices that you have some reservations though, something is holding you back from taking the next step. He approaches you….”would you like to try on this suit sir….”

15 minutes later you have tried on 3 suits and purchased one.

Now, if the sales assistant had approached you as soon as you entered the shop, it would have been irritating. You didn’t even know what you wanted at that point. You hadn’t been convinced by the brand; you needed time to browse. Had he waited much longer to approach, you would have walked out and not made the purchase. He noticed that you had a real interest in navy suits but also picked up on the fact that you had some reservations. He stepped in to overcome these reservations and made the sale. As a result of his relevant and timely approach, you are delighted with both your purchase and the experience you have had within the shop.

IgnitionOne’s conversion optimization solution is similar to an online sales assistant. By monitoring a website visitor’s behaviour in real-time, an individual interest profile is built. When the technology recognises that the site visitor has reached the purchase tipping point, an interaction is triggered on screen to assist the consumer in converting. This is very simple and very effective. The value of this online sales assistant? Clients using the solution regularly see an increase of over 30% in website conversions. A sales assistant who ignores the consumer’s buying signals in store would ultimately be a failure, yet the majority of marketers are happy for their websites to operate in this passive way.

If you had a retail store, how would you want your sales assistants to work? Your website should be no different.

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