IgnitionOne Announces Google Shopping Integration within the Digital Marketing Suite

Today, IgnitionOne announced the launch of another feature within its Digital Marketing Suite (DMS). Google Shopping will be seamlessly integrated into the platform, which will allow retail marketers to manage Product Listing ads side-by-side search, display and Facebook. The integration also allows marketers to combine IgnitionOne’s powerful attribution capabilities to track and optimize bidding across all media channels with best-of-breed semantic optimization. This automatically creates an optimal campaign structure in AdWords based on a semantically optimized product feed.

IgnitionOne’s DMS is the first digital marketing platform to integrate with Google Product Listing Ads with this combination of optimizations. This offering will provide retail marketers the tools to maximize their efforts in Google Shopping with seamless integration to product feeds, tracking, optimization and reporting.

Key Benefits to Customers:
Enhanced efficiency, allowing marketers to manage Google Shopping right next to search, display and Facebook with the fully-integrated centralized technology stack (DMS).
Improves ROI by combining semantic optimization and bid optimization with IgnitionOne’s cross-channel attribution capabilities, allowing marketers to allocate media budget more intelligently in order to get the most out of every dollar spent.
Marketers are able to see the full picture by leveraging sophisticated custom attribution profiles to best meet their needs.

Read the press release here.

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