Digital Marketing – Doing it for the LOLs

Digital marketing is a funny funny business. Oh sure it might not seem like it from the outside, but digital marketers know how to laugh – especially at themselves. There are a few places out there that really get us and do an amazing job at keeping all of us from taking ourselves too seriously. I want to share some of my favorites and hopefully give you a chuckle as well.

PPC Memes

Started by  @eloi_casali@matthopson and @semantiks, this tumblr aggregates memes about our favorite paid search topics. Whether it’s The Most Interesting Man in the World explaining how to best track your efforts, ridiculously photogenic guy sharing the secret to success on the Google Display Network or Zoidberg mocking your ad rotation methods, this site will bring the laughs and some PPC tips.

Hey girl, our friends at Digiday brought us this very funny tumblr with Ryan Gosling making all the challenges in the Ad Tech landscape feel alright. Not updated very often anymore, but contains some real gems.


Another funny brought to us from Digiday – this contains language (in subtitles) that may not be safe for work – but is certainly conducive to laughter. Watch the dictator meltdown when dealing with ad tech landscape complexity. My favorite line? “Last click BS! What is this 1998?”
While not about digital marketing specifically, this McSweeny’s post outlines the ridiculousness of some of IPOs and the VC funding being tossed around for flawed online ideas. This piece is titled “Prospectus for Silicon Valley’s next hot tech IPO, where nothing could possibly go wrong.”

Every week Adexchanger posts a comic on the latest industry news, with an editorial spin. Often starring the superhero bearing the site’s name, these strips lampoon the deals and buzzwords that we read in headlines during the week.

This Advertising Life

The proliferation of animated gif tumbrs has reached the advertising world. While not specifically about digital marketing, many of these quick images have the ability to hit exactly how creatives and others feel in situations like “after working the weekend before a big pitch” or “when I crack a joke during a brainstorm session and nobody laughs”.


These are just a few of the funny and distracting sites out there for our industry. Did I miss any of your favorites? Let us know and we’ll include them next time.

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