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Introducing Earned & Paid Facebook Solution

Today, IgnitionOne announced the launch of a ground-breaking feature to the Digital Marketing Suite that allows marketers to optimize their earned and paid Facebook® media alongside search, mobile and display advertising.

This solution will allow brands to automate creation of Facebook Sponsored Stories when there is a high level of activity around a post to quickly capitalize on the amplification made possible by the timely publishing of these ads. The platform analyzes performance data to show the optimal ratios of social actions and indicates the most opportune time to launch Sponsored Stories. This innovation alleviates the current need for social media managers to manually poll and monitor the brand page activities across multiple interfaces.

Key Benefits to Customers:

  • Maximize amplification and performance by automatically launching Sponsored Stories
  • Increase efficiency using the only platform that allows earned media triggers to launch paid ads
  • Utilize performance data to model successful future brand page posts

This update is yet another step toward simplifying the management and optimization of online marketing through powerful technology. If you are interested in learning more about this pioneering technology, please email us at info@ignitionone.com.

View the press release here. 

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

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